Please Wait... is a home and a hub for heavy equipment enthusiasts. Founded as a portal for users worldwide, connects buyers and sellers of used equipment and provides information as well as entertainment pieces for those who love heavy equipment. is more than just a leading online marketplace for selling and buying used equipment and other durable assets. If you are a heavy equipment enthusiast, we welcome you!

We provide educational and entertaining information in the field of heavy equipment via a website; about training, safe use, consumer reviews, equipment history, latest developments, operating techniques, information about software used to control heavy equipment, online journals, blogs, featuring information in the field of heavy equipment.

When you think “Heavy Equipment”, think HEAVYEQUIPMENT.COM

When we first acquired the domain, we knew we wanted to do something great with it. With our experience in multiple industries from mining, to pipeline, to road construction, agriculture and military we have encountered a vast majority of people who share a passion for heavy equipment.

We were receiving regular requests from individuals to post their heavy equipment for sale on the website. But we wanted this site to be so much more than just another “buy and sell” website. We want to be a place that people come to see what’s new. To learn about heavy equipment related history. To share their stories and their experiences. Heavy equipment enthusiasts form a culture and we want to provide a place for you all.

That’s where the idea for The Hub came from. We hope that you enjoy spending time in The Hub. We hope that you are entertained by its contents. We would be thrilled if you’d like to participate. If you have a story to share, or a topic of interest please reach out to us through the Contact Us page.