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December 14th, 2011

Exmovere and Gencom to develop anti-drowsiness system for mining vehicles

Virginia-based biomedical engineering company Exmovere Holdings, Inc. has agreed to terms with Australia’s General Communications Pty Ltd. (Gencom) that will see the two companies develop and market a communication system to combat heavy equipment drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel.  The new system will be utilized in the Mineral and Resources sectors in Australia and Asia.

The biometric drowsiness system will be built into the steering wheel and driver seat of mining vehicles. The system will monitor the driver’s skin temperature, ECG (electrocardiogram), galvanic skin response and torque when the vehicle is moving.   Once a driver begins to exhibit signs of fatigue, the system will automatically notify a central dispatch center.

Though heavy equipment can greatly increase the efficiency and ease of work-related tasks, they can also pose a significant threat of injury or death if used improperly. Exmovere’s biosensor technology will help prevent heavy equipment related accidents and ensure injuries and death are kept to a minimum.

“We spent a long time researching the best and most cost effective solution for our clients. Exmovere ticked all the boxes. The key feature is that the system is able to detect drowsiness levels more granularly than external biometric sensors such as eye movement; earlier detection enables the driver to maintain themselves in an alert state rather than keeping them awake. The system price point is low enough for the mine to invest in all of its vehicle fleet and not just the trucks,” said Gencom’s John Park.